What is a Predictive & Auto Dialer?

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A predictive auto dialer is a computerized dialer system that automatically dials telephone numbers in an automated manner. Instead of the operator having to physically pick up and answer each call, the system prompts the user when a new number is available. In this way, it eliminates the need for the human operator and the associated costs and time.

The dialer system generally connects directly to answering machines, automatically dialing out numbers and connecting automatically answered calls to individuals making calls. This type of dialer employs voice-recognition technology and a message prompt that enables the user to enter a pre-recorded or customised message. Pre-recorded messages can include anything from an enquiry to a request for information. They are commonly used in large companies and businesses. However, the technology is also suitable for small businesses and personalised offers and advertisements.

The system works in a few simple steps. When a call is received, the predictive auto dialer starts dialing the number until a suitable number is replied by the customer. If there is no response, it redirects the call to a voice mail box. The automated voice mail contains the voice of the person to whom the call is being directed. Once the call has been replied to, the system marks the number as busy and redirects the call to another extension. This continues until the customer decides to take the call.

This process is very natural for both the company and the customer. The automatic answering system ensures that no customer is left voicemail, and that all enquiries are attended to promptly. As long as the predictive dialing is used as desired, it ensures that the company's image is not lost due to long hold times on phone lines. This reduces staff turnover and employee anger, which are a direct cost to the company.

Since predictive dialers are web-based, this feature can be accessed from any Internet connection. The user simply logs on to the website of the provider and accesses the auto dialer software. This takes just a few seconds and then the software is installed and activated. It begins sending call lists to the relevant extensions automatically. This reduces the time taken to attend to each call, and speeds up the response time for most customers.

The auto dialer performs significantly better than other similar systems. This is because predictive dialing software has a built-in database that contains information about past and present call patterns. This information allows the software to pre-determine when an individual is more likely to have an answer, reducing the time wasted during busy hours. Predictive auto dialer also saves the company money by reducing the cost of hiring a salesperson to represent the company at each call. If you want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/autodialer.